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Artist Services

With a wide variety of both in-demand and niche services for artists, we can provide a musician with help through every and any step of the process.

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Artist Management

When partnering with Interstate Music for Artist Management, you don’t just get a manager, you get an entire management team. We offer everything in-house, from merch distribution to metadata organization, all depending on what you need, creating efficiencies in the artist management and development processes. We build the framework while you rock the house.

What we provide our artists:

  • Branding
    • Evergreen & secondary logo design
    • Full EPK creation
    • Brand strategy and development
  • Merch Design & Distribution
    • Logo and song merchandise
    • Online landing page for merch
    • E-Commerce management
  • Content & Social Media
    • Social media audit
    • 90-Day content calendar
    • Lyric videos for new song releases
    • Monthly content shoots
  • Extras
    • Metadata organization
    • Discounts on all artist and recording services, and gear from
    • Rider and stage plot creation
    • Writer’s room access
    • Connections to labels, publishers, booking agents, and PRO’s
Artist Services - Artist Management
Artist Services - Artist Support
Artist Services - Recording, Mixing and Mastering
Artist Services - Recording, Mixing and Mastering

Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Working alongside Interstate Music are producers and engineers, Jacob Kulick and April Rose Gabrielli. They have garnered millions of spins across streaming platforms for their stellar work in a variety of genres, and they’re an invaluable resource for any rising artist. Providing assistance in a multitude of ways (composition, performance, etc.), these two ensure that an artist leaves our studio with a project they can be proud of.

We also have live audio production experts on staff who can assist in recording a studio-grade live track right from our stage.

Since all our audio files are produced and edited in-house, we are able to quickly turn around projects to hit your deadline.

Artist Branding

With the sheer amount of musicians in the world today, it’s easy for your branding to get lost on you (and your audience). We have graphic designers, artist relations staff, and digital advertising specialists in-house to help you develop, maintain, and spread your brand.

We also have thorough metrics we can report on, allowing us to help you predict what’s coming, and make informed decisions on branding and advertising.

Artist Services - Content Creation
Artist Services - Content Creation

Content Creation

We offer our full production house to artists, allowing them to obtain a variety of high-quality content for any purpose. We can shoot music videos, social content, song release promos, and everything in between.

Our production team is incredibly creative and social media savvy, so we can get you the content that will get you views and engagement.

Merchandise Design & Management

Did you know that a $35 t-shirt pays an artist the same as 8,000 streams on Spotify?

Needless to say, merchandise is more important than ever. Our graphic designers have years of experience creating fantastic apparel for an array of artists, and they can sustain — and strengthen — whatever style you’ve established for yourself.

We handle merchandise production every step of the way, from the initial design to the final print, meaning you don’t have to lift a finger. We can also list your merchandise on a variety of online retailers, as well as ship it to fans nationwide.

615 House Merch
615 House Merch
Stephanie Ryann Merch
Waylon Hanel Merch

Social Media Management

Social Media can be an absolute game changer for any artist, connecting them to fans they didn’t even know they had. Socials can also be a great way to generate sales on tickets and merch, as well as promote all the happenings in an artist’s career.

Our Social Media and Advertising teams stay on top of all new trends, and keep you ahead of the curve on all your socials. We can also handle your scheduled posting and engagement, giving you the chance to sit back and relax.

Website Design & Development

As an artist, your website is a place for fans to see your tour dates, purchase merchandise, keep up with song releases, and even reach out to you. Our Web Team can create striking and secure web pages in a variety of styles, ultimately giving you the ability to have a custom, unique website to your exact specifications.

Our web designers are also well-versed in designing for functionality, with an incredible talent for creating cutting-edge, high-speed websites.

Meet the Team

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Whether you’re an artist, label, manager, or engineer, we can help you reach the next step. Let’s get in touch.

Jeff Peterson
Founder & CEO

As Founder and CEO of Interstate Music, Jeff is truly passionate about elevating musicians, and giving them the attention and respect they deserve. Jeff has experience doing just about every job known to man (including years managing bands and artists), which makes him an incredibly well-rounded leader. Aside from his work as CEO, Jeff likes to spend time relaxing in his pool, finding new artists to listen to, and enjoying a glass (or two) of bourbon.

Casey Seidl
Director of Music Marketing

Casey is a true professional in every sense of the word. He genuinely loves the work he does, and it shows with his drive, enthusiasm, and attention to detail. He has years of experience organizing successful campaigns with proven results, and is incredibly versatile in his marketing skills. When he’s not performing his duties as a marketing wizard, Casey loves taking trips outdoors, staying active, and spending time with his fianceé.

Mitch Curley
Director of Artist Relations & Media

Mitch has been working within the Nashville music machine for over 10 years, and has the stories to prove it. His diversified experience within the industry along with his mile-long contact list make him the perfect individual to lead our A&R operations. When asked to give some information for his bio, Mitch replied, “Lover of long walks on the beach. Of the opinion that pineapple should never go on pizza. And my favorite artist is Sam Gascon.”

Emma Nelson
Music Brand Executive

With over 5 years of experience working with music brands, Emma seems to know just about everyone in the industry. It doesn’t matter the equipment you need or the person you want to see, Emma knows who to call at every big-name music manufacturer. Away from her work, she enjoys staying up to date with the fashion industry, reading, and hosting parties for friends and family.

Mindy Wolfe
Senior Project Manager

Mindy is the powerhouse that ensures every project not only moves forward, but crosses the finish line with outstanding quality. Her role is crucial in transforming ideas into reality, as she juggles various tasks to see projects through to completion. When she’s not literally making dreams come true, Mindy can be found reading a romance novel, crafting, or at a concert.

Jake Powell
Graphic & Web Design Manager

When it comes to graphic designers, it doesn’t get much better than Jake Powell. Powell can create breathtaking designs for a variety of media, and has ample experience designing for both print and digital applications. Aside from making things look spectacular, Powell spends his time playing video games, watching Marvel movies, and being a great cat-dad.

Sam Gascon
Marketing & Music Production Specialist

Sam is… well, Sam. He brings a very unique skill set (and energy) to his role, as he can do anything from writing technical copy, to video work, to songwriting. He’s a determined individual who always provides high-quality work, regardless of the project. Outside of work, Sam enjoys writing music for himself and others, fishing, and being the coolest uncle in the world.

Ryan Brasfield
A/V Production Specialist

An absolute Front-of-House mastermind, Ryan has years of experience putting on shows for some of the largest touring acts in the world. With his invaluable knowledge, he helps to produce absolutely unforgettable shows and events that leave people breathless. When he’s not programming a lightshow, Ryan likes to spend time attending concerts, playing video games, and walking his labradoodle, Bentley.

James Zahorik
Videographer & Video Production Specialist

With years of experience shooting and creating industry-standard videos and FX, James knows how to capture any style within a video. He also has a knack for efficiency, and can turn around a well-done project in record time. When he’s not grinding in the editing booth, James enjoys rock climbing, snowboarding, and chopping wood.

Crystal Gums
Photography Specialist

Having over 15 years of experience as a professional photographer, Crystal knows how to get just the right shot. Whether it’s a photoshoot, live show, or just some candid shots, Crystal always produces a fantastic selection of high-quality, well-edited photos. When she’s not behind a camera, she can be found reading, gardening, crafting and spending time with her daughters.