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The Stage

Live Music Venue

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Sponsored by Roland, the Interstate Music Stage offers artists an experience like none other. Artists play in front of 200 fans from our VIP list – fans who want to hear, respect, and enjoy their music. On top of this, invaluable content is obtained throughout the entire show, giving artists professionally mixed live tracks as well as professional video and camera work.


Concert Venue

In the hours between soundcheck and the show, we capture EVERYTHING. From behind-the-scenes laughs to acoustic sessions to podcasts, we are constantly looking for and creating special content opportunities.

We have videographers and social content specialists on staff to make sure that the content is of the highest quality — we don’t just press record and go.

The Green Room
The Green Room

The Green Room

Whether you’re looking to make some TikToks, record an acoustic session, or just hang out before the show, the Green Room is equipped for it all. Refreshments, instruments, lighting, and personal care products— we’ve got it all ready for you.

The Podcast Studio

Outfitted with custom, aesthetic acoustic treatment, a handcrafted table for optimized filming, a TV, 3 Lumix GH5 MKII cameras, and 4 Shure SM7Bs, our Podcast Studio is a top-tier location to film a pre-show interview, or full podcast episode.

Our Podcast Studio also links into the Stage system, meaning we can use vMix to record and edit your podcast live, or record all camera angles for a later edit.

The Podcast Studio
The Podcast Studio
The Stage - Drake Milligan
The Stage - Eddie and the Getaway
The Stage - Mark Nesler and Tony Martin
The Stage - Alexis Wilkins

The Show


Our production staff spend days preparing for an artist, creating light shows, video wall profiles, artist introduction videos, and more. We make sure that every part of the show is completely tailored to the set list, making for a completely unforgettable show for both the artist and the audience.

During the performance, we record video from seven different high-fidelity cameras, giving our editors access to all angles of the performance. We also record and mix all audio tracks before shipping them to our in-house engineer for a final mix and master, ultimately giving artists live tracks with studio quality.

Room Capabilities
& Equipment


The second that the last note is played, our production staff begin their work in post, immediately transferring A/V files to a secure drive for editing. Over the following weeks, the magic happens behind the scenes, and our audio and video teams work together to create an exceptional package of content.

Once the content has been created, we publish it on a private, artist-only landing page, where all photos, videos, and audio can be downloaded.

We also offer our artists a personal experience like none other after the show, as we host meet-and-greets with each artist for our ~200 VIP fans in attendance. The controlled environment and vetting of individuals creates a truly amazing meet-and-greet that can be enjoyed by both the fans and the artist.

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Hose Water
The Stage - Production Room
The Stage - Jenny Teator Post Show
The Stage - Mark Nesler Post Show

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