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Merchandise Design & Management

Artist Merchandise Design and Management

Digital Ready

Musician Merchandise

Your fans across the country are ready for your merch, and we can help you get it to them. Our team is incredibly well-versed in the world of E-Commerce, and we can assist you in everything from establishing an online store to getting your merch listed with major online retailers.

We can embed your products on your current website, Spotify page, and pretty much anywhere you want to sell your merch online. Additionally, if you don’t have a website yet — or if it needs a refresh – we’ve got you covered there, too.

As an artist, you don’t need to worry about the added time and headaches that go into selling merchandise. Taking care of payments, shipping, taxes, customer service and more, our team will handle absolutely everything.

Merchandise Design and Management - Digital Ready
Merchandise Design and Management - Digital Ready
Merchandise Design and Management - Shopify POS

Tour Ready

Want to sell your merch straight to your audience? Well, we can help you with that, too. Using the Shopify POS, your merchandise will be linked to your personal storefront for in-person sales and inventory tracking, creating a seamless merch-sale experience for both parties.

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