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Van Jams

What is Van Jams?

Van Jams is more than just a unique writer’s round, it’s an experience. With songwriters, executives, artists, and other industry players in the audience, Van Jams gives songwriters an opportunity to showcase their work in an engaging, exclusive (and super cool) environment.

Van Jams

About The Van

Taking the name “Interstate Music” literally, we wanted to create a way for artists to record their music, play live, and create a variety of content on the go. From pop-up and song launch shows to podcasts and songwriting sessions, the Interstate Music Van is your imagination on wheels.

About Interstate Music

At Interstate Music, we keep one thing in mind:
“Musicians First.”

Whether it’s in the form of content shoots, promotion, studio work, or just about anything else, we seek to offer our support to artists in any way possible. With a strong presence in the Nashville music scene and beyond, Interstate Music works with a variety of artists across the country to provide them with content, artist services, and performance opportunities to help elevate their careers.

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